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Let Les Paniers EFD Send Delightful Holiday Greetings

It happens every year: you inadvertently leave someone off your holiday gift list. Recover gracefully from that faux pas by ordering a holiday gift basket from Les Paniers EFD. Your gift will arrive in three days or less, and you’ll look like you spent days contemplating the elegant arrangement.

Perfect for Neighbours, Coworkers
Les Paniers EFD will send just the right basket on your behalf. Thrill those grandchildren, coworkers or a neighbour with a holiday-themed package today.

Please note that prices shown don’t include taxes.

Festive Snack

Lots of delicious snacks for that snack lover. Included is caramel popcorn, gourmet chips, cocoa, nuts, brie cheese, crackers, small chocolate chip panettone, tapenade and a box of chocolates.

Good Tidings

Perfect for the Holidays. Beautiful sleigh basket that includes panettone, brownie mix, Nutella, cocoa, candy, Baci chocolate, Hershey's chocolate bar, chocolate dipped Oreo cookies and lots more!

Cheese and Crackers

Perfect gift basket for just about anybody!

Champagne Delight

Beautiful stainless steel ice bucket with champagne, two champagne glasses and lots of fine chocolate.

Christmas Fun

Christmas basket filled with a box of chocolates, nuts, caramel chocolate popcorn, cocoa, Perugina chocolate bar, biscotti and a small panettone.

A Taste of Warmth

Stylish Christmas mug filled with cocoa, shortbread cookies, chocolate, candy and a Lindt chocolate box.

Sweet Magic

This red metal container filled with lots of goodies, caramel almond popcorn, Lille cookies, Dufflet dark chocolate bark, box of chocolates, Lindor truffles and lots more!

Santa’s Helper

Discover Holiday favorites such as this Christmas mug, Lindor chocolate, Christmas candy, shortbread cookies, pretzels, nuts, panettone and a box of chocolates.

Christmas Snacking

Send this yummy gift basket full of tasty choices including caramel popcorn, a box of chocolates, biscotti, nuts and other treats.

Supreme Indulgence

This oversized trunk basket is full of gourmet treats. Here are a few of the items that can be found: three boxes of chocolate, Baci champagne bottle, panettone, gourmet oils, truffles, nuts, cheese, coffee, spices, blueberry jam, crackers, chips and the list goes on and on.

The Grand Snacking

Charming basket full of different treats: cheese, crackers, Godiva 72% dark chocolate, chips, Perugina chocolate, biscotti, large box of chocolates, jelly beans, Brookside chocolate, red pepper jelly tapenade, caramel popcorn and almond cashews.


Lovely gift basket which includes Asti Spumante, crackers, Pirouline cookies, blueberry jam, brie cheese, nuts, Godiva truffles, Godiva Chocolate Bar, cocoa and lots more!

Moët et Chandon

A bottle of Moët & Chandon, 2 champagne glasses, Godiva truffles and Belgian chocolates

Brie Baker

Ceramic brie baker filled with cheese, various brie toppings and chocolate

The One and Only

Assortment of gourmet cookies, cheese, lobster spread, kalamata olive tapenade, jams, crackers, snack mix, Godiva coffee, Godiva chocolate, Godiva truffles, Pirouline cookies, caramel popcorn, pretzels, cheese (brie or camembert), coffee, cocoa, almond roca

Classic Executive

Assorted chocolates, gourmet cookies, truffles, cocoa, cappuccino mix, almond roca, Ghirardelli chocolate, Godiva chocolate, Lindor chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, snack mix, fruit jellies, cheese (brie or camembert), biscotti

His and Hers

Assorted cookies, crackers, truffles, almond roca, Godiva chocolate, Pirouline cookies, caramel popcorn, Lindor chocolate, pumpkin seed crackers, brie cheese, apricot jalapeno jam, assorted nuts and much much more!

Godiva Lovers

Godiva milk chocolate caramel gems, Godiva dark chocolate w/almonds tablet bar, Godiva milk chocolate truffles, Godiva firecracker, Godiva hot cocoa, Godiva chocolate truffle coffee, Godiva milk chocolate cashews

Around the World

Assorted cookies, crackers, truffles, caramel popcorn, pretzels, Godiva chocolate, cheese (brie or camembert), chocolate taffy, coffee, jams, tapenades, Godiva coffee, Belgian chocolate, Belgian cookies, assortment of nuts, truffles and much more!

Snack Attack

Brown & Haley chocolate graham cookies, caramel popcorn, cocoa truffles, snack mix, English breakfast tea

Sweet Sensations

Gourmet sugar cookies, caramel popcorn, chocolate taffy, almond rocca, coffee, fruit jelly, chocolate pretzels, biscotti, Pirouline cookies

Classic Collection

Assorted gourmet cookies, crackers, truffles, nuts, cheese (brie or camembert), snack mix, Godiva truffles, almond roca, caramel roca, biscotti, Pirouline cookies

Chocolate Overload

Perfect chocolate basket for that chocolate lover. It includes chocolate brownie crisps, chocolate bourbon cigars, Belgian milk chocolate with chips, Dufflet toasted almonds with dark chocolate, chocolate caramel popcorn, peppermint popcorn, a box of assorted chocolate and lots more!

Anything Goes

Assorted gourmet cookies, coffee, tea, truffles, chocolate, snack mix, biscotti


Mug, gourmet coffee, assorted Belgian chocolate, gourmet chocolate cookies, apricot and almond jam, cheese

Golden Elegance

Gourmet cookies, wafers, chocolate, Lindor chocolate, popcorn, crackers, cheese, cocoa

Happy Holidays

Wine, Wildly Delicious jam, David's truffles, David's chocolate covered figs, Lindor chocolate, Bellagio cocoa and chocolate covered cookies

Brunch Decadence

Truffini chocolate truffles, smoked salmon, olive oil crackers, pepperjack cheese, gourmet chocolate, gourmet hot chocolate

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Assorted gourmet cookies, crackers, cheese (brie or camembert), nuts, Lindor chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate, almond roca, chocolate, truffles

Season’s Greeting

Caramel popcorn, truffles, gourmet cookies, cocoa, assorted chocolate

Sleigh Ride

Christmas plate, olives, crackers, cheese (brie or camembert)

Holiday Jubilee

Christmas mug, cafe cookies, candles, almonds, assorted chocolate, mini jam

Deck the Halls

Fromage (brie ou camembert), chocolat assortis, truffes, biscuits gourmet, biscotti, chandelier, confiture

79,99 $

Festive Treat

Mug, chocolate spoon, cocoa, coffee, truffles, pretzels, assorted chocolate, ice wine, chocolate


Christmas mug, gourmet cookies, crackers, biscotti, truffles, Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Holiday Snacking

Gourmet cookies, pretzels, biscotti, dolcetto cookies, caramel popcorn, coffee, chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, nuts and truffles

Holiday Cheer

A bottle of wine, cheese, olive tapenade, assorted truffles, Christmas plate, cheddar onion dip, crackers

Gold Paradise

Sesame crackers, brie cheese spread, parmesan bruschetta crisps, snack mix, Brown & Haley Almond Roca cookies, caramel popcorn, Pirouline chocolate wafer, almond hazelnut biscotti, Brown & Haley Almond Roca, English breakfast tea, cocoa truffles 16g, cocoa truffles 100g, Godiva milk truffles, Ghirardelli caramel chocolate

Classic Collection

Assorted gourmet cookies, crackers, truffles, nuts, cheese (brie or camembert), snack mix, Godiva truffles, almond roca, caramel roca, biscotti, Pirouline cookies.

Divine Ambassador

Sesame crackers, Sonia's cookies, Maxfield Asst chocolate, cocoa truffles, Brown & Haley Almond Roca, Pirouline chocolate wafer, Earl Grey tea, Columbian coffee, brie cheese spread, roasted almonds, caramel popcorn

Golden Impression

Lindor 3 pack truffles, sesame crackers, snack mix, Foley's chocolate mints, chocolate pretzels, Brown & Haley roca cookies, caramel popcorn, tomato & basil cheese spread, fruit candy, cocoa truffles

Breakfast for Two

Spatula, whisk, cookbook, pancake mixes, blueberry jam, peach jam, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, Jaime Oliver apron, Jaime Oliver set of 2 towels, stainless steel bowls, 2 large coffee cups, Godiva coffee, a jar of Nutella, cocoa and teas

Flare for Flavour

Wildly Delicious oil and vinegar, brie cheese, panettone, Baci chocolate bar, Godiva chocolate, crackers, chocolate, tapenade and lots more!


Box of chocolates, Lindor chocolate, brie cheese, blueberry compote, cherry sauce, nuts, caramel almond chocolate, cookies, hot parmesan dip, brie toppings, gourmet coffee, cappuccino cake and almond bark

Snack Attack II

Jelly beans, dark chocolate caramel popcorn, peanut butter pretzel nuggets, Godiva Chocolate, Lindt chocolate, cookies, nuts and lots more!

Sweet Splendour

A bottle of wine, crackers, hot parmesan and artichoke dip, Godiva chocolate, tapenade, gourmet cookies and chocolate.

The Versailles

A bottle of wine, gourmet box of chocolates, crackers, brie baker, Godiva chocolate, Chardonnay mustard, wine jelly, maple pumpkin tapenade, grape seed oil, brie cheese, various dips, wine stopper, truffles and lots more!

Choco Fun

Includes macaroon crisps, bourbon chocolate cigars, salty sweet bar, savour cocoa, milk chocolate cookie crumble, milk chocolate covered caramel popcorn, cocofudge bites and lots more chocolate.

Sweets Tower

Lindt chocolates, truffles from France, shortbread cookies, caramel popcorn

The Arlington

One of the most popular baskets which includes a box of chocolate, Lille cookies, truffles from France, Godiva truffles, Belgian chocolate, nuts, candy, biscotti, coffee, cocoa and lots more!

Le Marseilles

This oversized basket is overflowing with lots of gourmet treats: two bottles of wine, bread dipping oil, sauces, compote, tapenade, cheeses, brie baker, brie toppings, various dips, Godiva truffles, Godiva chocolate bar, crackers, gourmet cookies and lots more!


Stunning basket filled with a bottle of wine, Belgian cookies, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, coffee, apricot and jalapeno tapenade, brie cheese, dip, nuts, crackers and a beautiful chocolate box

Let’s Celebrate

Classy and smart, this basket is overflowing with lots of delectable treats. A bottle of wine, maple balsamic vinegar, nuts, fine cheese crackers, bread dipping oil, cheeses, box of chocolates, cranberry port jam, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, chocolate bourbon cigars, Dufflet pistachio and almond and so much more!

Gourmet Pleasure

A delightful basket filled with one bottle of flavoured oil, one bottle of maple balsamic, Godiva truffles, cheese, Godiva coffee, box of chocolates, Mrs.Tilly's fudge, crackers and a maple chocolate bar.

Party Pleaser

Colleagues and friends will be so impressed with this large party tray filled will chocolate, candy and nuts. A sure crowd pleaser

Onion Soup Basket

Beautiful set of two onion soup bowls, onion soup, brie cheese, crackers and chocolate

Chocolate Overload

Perfect chocolate basket for that chocolate lover. It includes chocolate brownie crisps, chocolate bourbon cigars, Belgian milk chocolate with chips, Dufflet toasted almonds with dark chocolate, chocolate caramel popcorn, peppermint popcorn, a box of assorted chocolate and lots more!

This and That

Large Christmas basket perfect for an office staff or party. Includes an assortment of crackers, cookies, gourmet chips, David's chocolate popcorn, various cheese, maple cashew crunch, nuts, apricot and jalapeno tapenade, Godiva chocolate, cocoa, candy and the list goes on!

Sweet Dreams

Beautiful basket filled with sesame crackers, brie cheese spread, caramel popcorn, snack mix, World's Finest Chocolate, Pirouline chocolate wafer, Sonia's cookies, Columbian coffee, Pizazz fruit jellies, almond hazelnut biscotti, Lindor milk chocolate, Brown & Haley Almond Roca cookies, cocoa truffles, Godiva milk truffles, Ghirardelli caramel chocolate

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